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Zoroaster Foster

Full Name Zoroaster Foster
Age 20 (The Explorers)

27 (The Explorers: King Maximillian)

Birthday February 5, 1984
Height 5'9" (The Explorers)

5'11" (The Explorers: King Maximillian)

Weight 67kg.
Weapon Type two-handed swords or huge ax (heavy weapons)
Martial Arts Unknown
Element Ice
Class Master Smith (physical class)

Ice Specialist (magical class)

Race Demi-Human

Zoroaster Foster, is one of the main characters of Kirsten Nimwey's first and featured novel series, The Explorers. He is the chosen Wielder of King Jethro's Ice element.

Appearance and Personality[]

“I actually dunno, sir. I was wondering about these too ever since. I couldn’t even take them off in my belly either. I already have them since I was still a child, so I think they’re attached to my belly forever. But, these cool studs aren’t painful!”

- Zoroaster to Spencer

Zoroaster is Reinhardt, Kenji, and Genji's brother who wields the element of Ice and is the third son of Alex and Isidra Foster. He is the Explorer's well-known sculptor, hunter, and a master smith as he is working in building weapons and equipments for use in battlefield.

Zoroaster loves to insult Claude sometimes by calling him as "Mr. Eyebrow".


  • Zoroaster's element was firstly called, Metallica. But later on changed to Ice when Kirsten Nimwey suddenly realized that this former element name is named like a heavy rock band called, Metallica.