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“Twenty-five years of great history… Twenty-five stories of unforgettable legacy…”

The Explorers: King Maximillian is the sequel of the first novel, The Explorers by Kirsten Nimwey. The story happens 7 years after the first novel, where the Wielders discover the well-known greatest warrior who is reborn after 25 years of his imprisonment in the Great Seal.

The human world has restored its peace from turmoil when the Explorers defeated the group of Expland seven years ago, and Kenji is still under the curse of the black magic. He and Genji are about to celebrate their upcoming 25th birthday in a few days. But Reinhardt, who is now the leader of DDE, admits that there is an unforgettable history that will soon to repeat after twenty-five years coinciding the twins’ birthday. A legendary paladin, who is the greatest warrior and king of Reminescence will reborn after he was imprisoned by the Pioneers with their special power called the Great Seal. The Element Wielders wonder about the unexpected turn of events, and the DDE leader commands the Explorers to prepare themselves for the return of Reminescence during the twins’ birthday.

After a few days, Kenji and Genji have celebrated their 25th birthday in the DDE mansion. Just as expected, the Great Seal has broken its effect which frees the imprisoned king of Reminescence. And the legendary group of first-generation warriors of Reminescence returns. The Explorers become fully aware of their returned existence, and the history begins to repeat itself…