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Shingue Crisanto

Shingue Crisanto

Shingue final.jpg
Full Name Shingue Crisanto
Age 17 (The Explorers)

24 (The Explorers: King Maximillian)

Birthday April 16, 1987 
Height 5'8" (The Explorers)

5'10" (The Explorers: King Maximillian)

Weight 64kg.
Weapon Type grapple
Martial Arts Karate
Element Poison
Class Viking (physical class)

Alchemist (magical class)

Race Human

Shingue Crisanto, is one of the main characters of Kirsten Nimwey's first and featured novel series, The Explorers. He is the chosen Wielder of King Jethro's Poison element.

Appearance and Personality[]

“Kenji, if you’re really serious about becoming an Explorer then you need more perseverance and patience in life. You have to live and learn the real meaning of being a true warrior."

- Shingue to Kenji

Shingue wields the element of Poison, which the Wielders believe to be the second of the most dangerous element among fourteen elements. He is Clio's close friend and partner.

Shingue usually wears a jacket, a shirt, and a baggy jean shorts which is his signature outfit. He has blond hair with pink highlights on each side of his hair. His eyes are green, and his skin color is light. His body built is average and he is tall. His main weapon is grapple.

In the main cover of The Explorers, Shingue is seen in his different appearance as he is wearing different type of outfit. He is wearing a sweatshirt with four colors of white, red, blue, and yellow, and there is a logo on the left side. Instead of baggy jean shorts, Shingue is wearing a grayish pants, and a pair of black shoes.

Shingue is very simple, quiet, but also a short-tempered person like Claude. He loves to pull pranks on Clio all the time, calling him as "kiddo" or a kid-minded person.


  • If you look at Shingue's main appearance in The Explorers Book 1 cover, his casual outfit resembles the national flag of the Philippines. His jacket has a color combination of red, blue, yellow, and white with the sun and three stars on the left side.
  • Despite of his appearance, Shingue is a Filipino.
  • Kirsten Nimwey once had trouble giving Shingue his last name for years! Starting from the time she began writing the book until she was finished. His last name, Crisanto was given a year after Kirsten already finished the book.