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Lucky Terrel

Lucky Terrel

Lucky final.jpg
Full Name Lucky Terrel
Age 18 (The Explorers)

25 (The Explorers: King Maximillian)

Birthday November 25, 1986
Height 5'7" (The Explorers)

5'10" (The Explorers: King Maximillian)

Weight 61kg.
Weapon Type guns and staves
Martial Arts Karate
Element Time and Space
Class Fusilier (physical class)

Time Specialist (magical class)

Race Human

Lucky Terrel, is one of the main characters of Kirsten Nimwey's first and featured novel series, The Explorers. He is the chosen Wielder of King Jethro's Time and Space element.

Appearance and Personality[]

“Alright, alright, I shall tell this to you now… Akira also wants to take the Holy element and become its Wielder. When I obtained my Divine Stone and he learned about it, he assumed that the stone was possibly the Holy element so he planned to wrest it from me. Therefore, he challenged me to a fight in the upcoming tournament only for the sake of my stone.”

- Lucky to Kenji

Lucky is an Explorer who wields the element of Time and Space. He is a second son of a famous cowboy and a housekeeper. He has long chestnut hair in low ponytail. His eyes are green, and his body built is average. His skin color is fair.

Due to the ability possessed by his element, Lucky has an unique ability to change/stop time and shift space. He can communicate with plants and animals though he is not a nature lover. He is a happy-go-lucky and a very energetic person. He loves to crack jokes and gives words of encouragements to his friends. Lucky is the Explorers' best gunner.


Lucky's name is a variant of Luke in English, and Lukas in German. Lücky is also from a short form of Lüdeke, a pet form of Ludolph (compare Liedtke 2) or occasionally from Ludwig or Lucas. In Dutch, his name is the habitational name from Luik, the Dutch name of the Belgian city of Liège. The translation of the French-Canadian secondary surnames are Lachance and Lafortune.


  • Lucky's last name was firstly named as Clarkson, but later on it changed into Terrel.
  • Before Time and Space, his element was called, The Heaven.
  • Lucky is named after Luis Manzano, the Filipino actor and TV host.
  • In the original The Explorers comic version (2006), his main nemesis is Claude.