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Cyan Wilford

Full Name Cyan Wilford
Age 18 (The Explorers)

25 (The Explorers: King Maximillian)

Birthday March 22, 1986
Height 5'7" (The Explorers)

5'9" (The Explorers: King Maximillian)

Weight 58kg.
Weapon Type books and 4/6-edged boomerang
Martial Arts Unknown
Element Air
Class Freelancer (physical class)

Scholar (magical class)

Race Human

Cyan Wilford, is one of the main characters of Kirsten Nimwey's first and featured novel series, The Explorers. He is the chosen Wielder of King Jethro's Air element.

Appearance and Personality[]

“I-I am serious, Genji. I often dream of having a good friend just like my fellow classmates. You know, a real friend… A partner… The one who will never deceive me and be with me thru thick and thin… And I know how so sad to be a loner for so long. That is what I am.”

- Cyan to Genji

Cyan is an Explorer who has the element of Air, equal to the power of the Water element. He is a Valedictorian graduate of Hunsterdam University and also Genji's close friend.

Cyan has an ability to change his body weight that is as light as air, causing him to float and fly in the air even without wings.


  • Cyan has the similar hairstyle as Jon, and the only difference is their hair color.
  • His first ever name was Yanaki Liyanagi, but Kirsten Nimwey decided to change it to Cyan Wilford because of its Japanese name. Cyan is not Japanese.